Carrers de Cadaqués

In the centre of Cadaqués, you will find important cultural offerings, such as the old town, which is enclosed by the medieval city walls where travellers could tread along the old pavement, called rastell. The church of Santa Maria of Cadaqués was built between 16th and 17th centuries, a large part of which is gothic style, the interior contains a spectacular baroque altarpiece which is 23 meter high and is dedicated to the goddess of Hope.

All year around you can enjoy different activities and events. For example you can enjoy Cadaques’ International Music festival (www.festivalcadaques.cat) which has been taking place every summer since the 70’s or the Cultural Week where literature awards are celebrated, the Indians Fair in June and the gathering at Sol Ixent at the lighthouse in Cap de Creus.

An artistic source of inspiration

L'inspiració de Cadaqués

In this cosmopolitan corner of Costa Brava, some of the most important artistic mouvements of Vanguard from 20th century such as Surrealism arose.

The most famous artists of Cadaqués were Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Àngel Planells, Paul Eluard, Federico García Lorca, Luís Buñuel, Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, Magritte, André Dérain, Richard Hamilton, Antonio Pitxot, Josep Pla and Eugeni d’Ors and many others.

A visit to Dali’s house is truly interesting, walking through the different rooms, you can get an idea of what kind of life he had, while noticing all types of curiosities. The Museum of Cadaques, an old ballroom, offers temporary exhibitions by the painter Salvador Dalí, and other notable artists associated with the village. The village also has many art galleries for all tastes.

Cap de Creus, an unforgettable experience

Excrusions pel Cap de Creus

The geological beauty of Cap de Creus is fascinating. Its landscape has unique shapes, especially the rocks and the plants. Even people from the village give names to some curious and capricious rocks, such as the “Rock of the Camel, the Eagle or the Turtle”.

But Cap de Creus is not just a place to visit, it is also an ideal place to go on a boat trip or do watersports, such as scuba diving or kayaking, offered by tourist companies in the village. Another good way to get to know the area is by hiking and cycling, which allow more contact. The best way to discover this territory is simply to enjoy yourself! To complete the visit we recommend you visit the Tudela park, an area unique in its geology situated near the lighthouse of Cap de Creus.

It's own gastronomy

Menjar a Cadaqués

Cadaqués is a village with its own character due to its geographic situation in the past, it’s been able to conserve the “parla salada” (salted language) typical in this region.

The village also offers a wide range of traditional products and recipes like for example: rice with shellfish, the “escòrpora” red rockfish in its sauce, anchovies from Cadaqués and the typical “Taps” desert, a pastry in the shape of a bottle top which have been made since the XVIII century.

We recommend Bar - Restaurant Es Raco d'en Dani located in Port Lligat Beach, right next to Dali's house. Large terrace with beautiful views, the ideal place to eat fresh fish and quality meat with the best service.